7 Steps to Serenity in Your Schedule


As we embark on our quest for serenity, we need to examine our time schedule. One of the most insidious thieves to serenity is an overbooked schedule. It’s time to examine our commitments and categorize what is vital, important, and optional. Below is a cursory overview of schedule management. We will delve into more detail in subsequent blog posts. Here are 7 easy steps to serenity in your schedule.

We must first acknowledge 4 areas that lead to over-commitment.

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Declare a Season of Completion

Checkered Flag

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In this modern age, we have so many tools and gadgets to simplify our lives. And yet, many of us feel more busy and more behind than ever. How can this be possible with the technology and knowledge base that we have? I’ll be exploring thoughts like these on posts that focus on “A Moment of Serenity.”

There a quite a few things that get in the way of completing our tasks and projects. Interruptions come in all forms – people, meetings, bills, taxes, moving, errands – the list goes on! Time is precious commodity and it’s time to guard your waking hours to get things done.

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How to Create a Group Audio “Greeting Card”

With families being much more mobile today than a few generations ago, we have families spread out over great geographic distances. This can make it challenging to get together for family reunions, birthdays, weddings, and funerals.

Creating a group audio “greeting card” is a simple yet touching way to gather good wishes and greetings from all those relatives who could not attend the event. Here is a simple free way to do that…

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Love Poured Out for Viet Nam – Published!

In 2006 I learned that a friend of the Travis family, Trena Chellino, was working on a biography for Drake’s grandparents, Chester and Mary Travis. She gave us a copy of the rough draft to read through and we enjoyed the concept and the stories. She was challenged in looking for a publisher and was hoping that Drake could give her some guidance in this area. Drake had already had one book published by then. However, the publisher who had published Drake’s book was not longer in operation.

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Audio Scrapbooking

Audio scrapbooking is not a term that one hears every day, but it’s almost self-explanatory. We moms have spent thousands, yes thousands, of dollar on visual scrapbooking. Choosing just the right colors to go with our photos – agonizing for hours over each page layout!

We have also spent hours and hours filming video (with audio, of course), but rarely do we take the time to edit and cull out the valuable video moments in our lives.

With just a little planning, it is easy and fun to create an audio scrapbook with and for the ones you love. Audio is such a forgive-able format. It’s much easier to edit than audio and overall has a nostalgic feel.

If creating an audio scrapbook seems like a daunting task, consider this super easy option. Let’s say that you are interesting creating an audio scrapbook for a milestone birthday or a wedding. Perhaps everybody in your family won’t be able to join the festivities – and yet, an audio scrapbook gives everybody an opportunity to say their well wishes and they all get combined into one CD. LifeOnRecord is a company that a specialized in doing just that. They provide a phone number for you, all your friends and relatives call and leave a message, and then messages are consolidated on to a CD.

For those wanting a lower-cost option, consider using Google Voice. A Google Voice account is free to set-up. The only costs involved would be for the people calling in to the number and the cost to burn your own CD. The quality of the recording is not the best, but it is a great option if you are on a limited budget.

I’d love to hear some of your ideas on creating an audio scrapbook. Have you ever created one? What were some of the challenges that you faced?


Inspiration to Create a Audio File to Teach Your Kids

headphonesAs I have been transferring old VHS videos and cassettes to digital, I came across a listening tape that I created for my son, Josiah. He was maybe two or three years old and I wanted to create an activity for him that would provide some interaction and free up my time for fifteen minutes.

The recording was made of the two of us talking together. I asked him questions and if he knew the answer I would praise him. If he didn’t know the answer, then I would explain the answer and have him repeat it after me. As he learned new information, I praised him for his good work. I also used prompts for us to say things together.

The types of questions were:

  • What is your name?
  • Let’s spell your name.
  • When is your birthday?
  • What is your address?
  • What is your phone number?
  • Is there a number for emergencies?
  • What is grandma’s phone number?
  • Let’s count to 10.
  • Let’s say a Bible verse.
  • Let’s sing our ABCs.

The list can go for as long as you want on just about any topic. In fact, you may want a couple of different audio files that cover things that you would like your child to learn and remember. The beauty is that you won’t have to repeat yourself over and over. The “tape” will do it for you!

Cassette tapes are pretty much ancient relics nowadays, so find whatever recording device you may have – computer input mic, cell phone, etc. – and make the recording readily available on a playback device for your child.

An important note: do not coach your child too much before pressing the record button. And if your child deviates from “the program” you had in mind, gently redirect him back. It’s important to capture whatever naturally happens during the recording. In a dozen years or so, it will be an absolute treat to hear your kid chatter on about whatever was in their heart and mind at that time.

I would love your feedback on this topic. Please share below.

Preemie Hat


I had a great time visiting family at our family reunion in August. My sister reminded me of an organization called Carewear which encourages volunteers to make hats, booties, and such for preemies at local hospitals.

I had several partially completed projects from many years ago in my stash and decided to work on finishing them. After all, this is my Season of Completion!

The yarn in this hat was crocheted into a bizarre doily of some sort, so I re-purposed it for this adorable hat. Sorry, I should have taken a before picture!


I will be completing more of these little preemie hats soon and will post them as well.

60 Day Juice Fast – 1 Month After


1 Month After

I have regained 5 pounds which was anticipated. The weight is holding! Meanwhile, I’m experiencing great results with the RepairVite program. I’m supposed to eat pickles while on this program – they are supposed to be good for the digestive tract. Now I’m craving them!

Fasting Tool Kit

The following links are my Amazon affiliate links to supplies that I have been using on my Juice Fasting Journey:

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