Serena Travis

Interview with Ron Kardashian


Drs. Drake & Serena Travis interview Ron Kardashian. Ron shares about his calling as a Life Coach while also discussing the tragic death of Robin Williams.

Ron Kardashian | | Twitter: @RonKardashian

7 Steps to Serenity in Your Schedule


As we embark on our quest for serenity, we need to examine our time schedule. One of the most insidious thieves to serenity is an overbooked schedule. It’s time to examine our commitments and categorize what is vital, important, and optional. Below is a cursory overview of schedule management. We will delve into more detail in subsequent blog posts. Here are 7 easy steps to serenity in your schedule.

We must first acknowledge 4 areas that lead to over-commitment.

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Declare a Season of Completion

Checkered Flag

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In this modern age, we have so many tools and gadgets to simplify our lives. And yet, many of us feel more busy and more behind than ever. How can this be possible with the technology and knowledge base that we have? I’ll be exploring thoughts like these on posts that focus on “A Moment of Serenity.”

There a quite a few things that get in the way of completing our tasks and projects. Interruptions come in all forms – people, meetings, bills, taxes, moving, errands – the list goes on! Time is precious commodity and it’s time to guard your waking hours to get things done.

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How to Create a Group Audio “Greeting Card”

With families being much more mobile today than a few generations ago, we have families spread out over great geographic distances. This can make it challenging to get together for family reunions, birthdays, weddings, and funerals.

Creating a group audio “greeting card” is a simple yet touching way to gather good wishes and greetings from all those relatives who could not attend the event. Here is a simple free way to do that…

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Love Poured Out for Viet Nam – Published!

In 2006 I learned that a friend of the Travis family, Trena Chellino, was working on a biography for Drake’s grandparents, Chester and Mary Travis. She gave us a copy of the rough draft to read through and we enjoyed the concept and the stories. She was challenged in looking for a publisher and was hoping that Drake could give her some guidance in this area. Drake had already had one book published by then. However, the publisher who had published Drake’s book was not longer in operation.

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Audio Scrapbooking

Audio scrapbooking is not a term that one hears every day, but it’s almost self-explanatory. We moms have spent thousands, yes thousands, of dollar on visual scrapbooking. Choosing just the right colors to go with our photos – agonizing for hours over each page layout! Read More