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Declare a Season of Completion

Checkered Flag

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In this modern age, we have so many tools and gadgets to simplify our lives. And yet, many of us feel more busy and more behind than ever. How can this be possible with the technology and knowledge base that we have? I’ll be exploring thoughts like these on posts that focus on “A Moment of Serenity.”

There a quite a few things that get in the way of completing our tasks and projects. Interruptions come in all forms – people, meetings, bills, taxes, moving, errands – the list goes on! Time is precious commodity and it’s time to guard your waking hours to get things done.

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Love Poured Out for Viet Nam – Published!

In 2006 I learned that a friend of the Travis family, Trena Chellino, was working on a biography for Drake’s grandparents, Chester and Mary Travis. She gave us a copy of the rough draft to read through and we enjoyed the concept and the stories. She was challenged in looking for a publisher and was hoping that Drake could give her some guidance in this area. Drake had already had one book published by then. However, the publisher who had published Drake’s book was not longer in operation.

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Preemie Hat


I had a great time visiting family at our family reunion in August. My sister reminded me of an organization called Carewear which encourages volunteers to make hats, booties, and such for preemies at local hospitals.

I had several partially completed projects from many years ago in my stash and decided to work on finishing them. After all, this is my Season of Completion!

The yarn in this hat was crocheted into a bizarre doily of some sort, so I re-purposed it for this adorable hat. Sorry, I should have taken a before picture!


I will be completing more of these little preemie hats soon and will post them as well.

Bedazzle Bag

Bedazzle bag - a fun mini purse
Bedazzle bag - a fun mini purse

Bedazzle bag – a fun mini purse

I’m still working through my stash of yarn and making great progress! I needed to take  a break from Homespun and Wool-Ease, so I decided to look for a pattern that I could use with a single skein of Sensations Bedazzle. I found a cute mini purse pattern by Sasha that only required one skein of Bedazzle. This embellishment yarn has been discontinued. It was available at Jo-Ann Stores and it was made in Turkey. Skeins might still be found on eBay or Etsy.

I knitted it while watching 24:Redemption with Josiah. (FOX released it on my birthday in 2008 and I didn’t even know it! It’s taken me 5 years to find that out.)

Back to the purse, I haven’t finished the inside with fabric yet and I still need to a handle. Meanwhile, I wanted to post another finished project in my Season of Completion.


  • 1 skein multicolor Bedazzle yarn
  • 1 set of 10.5 knitting needles – I used a circular needle and used the Magic Loop method of knitting in the round
  • 1 button

Started: July 13, 2013
Completed: July 14, 2013
Estimated time: 2 hours

Big Victory Beanie



I’m so relieved to finish this beanie. While I was just starting this project, I accidentally zipped the yarn on my carry on luggage. There was no way to get the yarn out of the zipper without cutting it. So, I cut it. Then, I zipped the yarn into my laptop bag zipper. Argh! I cut it again!

The person who wears this beanie will have victory over adversity!

This hat is from the book Leisure Arts Knit Celebrity Slouchy Beanies For The Family. The pattern is called ‘Naturally Comfortable’ and I chose the X-Large size. The yarn is below.

Quilted Table Scarf

Double Wedding Ring Quilted Accent Piece

Double Wedding Ring Quilted Accent Piece

I started this double wedding ring quilted accent piece at least 9 years ago and I finished it on February 7, 2012! Here is an example of a project that was 95% done and waiting for that last 5% of effort. If this sounds like you, I want to encourage you to complete your projects. The mental clearing is phenomenal.

Each finished project gives me the courage to complete the next and the next. I usually do a handcraft while listening to a podcast or watching a program; that way I feel super-productive.

Declare a season of completion and watch those finished project fly!

Scarf launches Season of Completion



This is the scarf that launched the “Season of Completion.” It had lain unfinished for 2 years and I finished it in 2010. The challenging part of this scarf was the combination of the lacy pattern and the soft, nubby yarn that I used. I will have to dig up the pattern and the yarn because I do not remember either one! I was so relieved to finish this project and put it in the “done” pile!